Tainan’s culinary delicacies

When you visit Tainan, don’t miss the local dishes of Tainan which are everyone’s favorite. Tainan cuisine has an appetizing taste. Tainan Tasting will never be revealed again, local food served in this country such as beef soup and many others. Well, right away we start a fabulous food tour at the place where Taiwan’s food culture originated.


Beef Soup – Classic Taste

To be able to enjoy the delicacy of Tainan meat soup, you must be willing to wait for a queue. The queue starts in the morning until late afternoon, the hot broth piping watered into beef from the slaughtered beef on the same day, giving the dish a natural flavor without the need for additional seasoning. So that the meat feels more fresh

Bowl Rice Cake – Southern Taiwan


Taiwan’s rice bowl cakes also have a different taste, having a legitimate taste when eating it. North Taiwan’s bowl rice cake is white while in the south, the color is soy sauce. There is a Taiwanese proverb that says “Granny Steamed Crumbling Cake” indicates that the collapsed bowl rice cakes in the middle are the most delicious and chewy.


Salted Porridge- Delicious Brunch From Southern Taiwan

In addition to porridge bread becomes a breakfast menu that is attached to everyone. But Taiwanese porridge has a luxurious salty taste which is a popular breakfast. Separate rice grains and a refreshing soup provide a unique mouth taste porridge and special characteristics.


Almond Tofu

Handmade almond tofu retains the rich taste of almonds. Healthy food with low calories is the ideal choice for a slow lifestyle.



Danzai Noodles

The delicious Danzai noodles are reminiscent of the early Tainan noodle shops, where noodle sellers hawked their food while carrying their stalls, low stoves, and small bamboo benches on their transport poles.