The Charm Of Tourist Attractions In Tainan, Taiwan That Cannot Be Underestimated

Exploring Taiwan’s Oldest City, Tainan

Tourist attractions in Tainan Taiwan are often considered normal, just like ordinary tourist destinations. Even though this place offers a special tour. Tainan City is the oldest city in Taiwan which is located in the southwest of the main island of Taiwan. Tainan is also the capital of Taiwan before the seat of government was moved from Tainan to Taipei in the north by the Japanese government. Previously one of the districts in the city (namely Anping) was given the name Tayouan which is claimed to be the origin of the Taiwanese name itself. As the cultural center of Taiwan, Tainan is very rich in regional culture and traditional food. Apart from that, travelers can also witness other local ceremonies and traditions that are well preserved in Tainan.

To arrive in Tainan, the nearest international airport is Kaohsiung airport. Tainan itself has one domestic airport located in the Southern District. The main public transportation in the city is trains and buses. The tourism sector is also booming in Tainan. In Tainan City, Taiwan tourist attractions are not only centered on city tours. Tourist destinations are very diverse in this place. Here are some of the most famous from :

1. Chi Mei Museum Takes You Fly to Europe


Chi Mei Museum is an art museum founded and managed by a private sector in the Rende District, Tainan. This tourist spot in Taiwan has European-style architecture. The decoration and interior design of the museum are also very European. So, when entering the area of ​​this museum, the visitors seem to have “fled” from Taiwan and for a moment fly to Europe. The museum, which was founded in 1992, displays a collection of various violins and several other works of art which are the work of European artists. Chi Mei Museum is located at Wenhua Road Section 2 no. 66 and can be accessed on foot from Bao’an Station.

2. Explore Taijiang National Park


Taijiang is a national park in Tainan which is Taiwan’s eighth national park. It is located in Annan District, Tainan, with an area of ​​393 square kilometers. Part of this area is in the form of waters covering sea areas, lagoons and mangrove swamps. Taijiang has a special meaning in the hearts of the Taiwanese because this is where their ancestors first landed after making the dangerous crossing in the Taiwan Strait. There is a lot that can be done in this place. Visitors can explore the coastal area through mangrove swamps, get to know the wilderness, and visit ancient temples with unique architecture. During your exploration of the Taijiang National Park area, you will be able to witness various endemic animals scattered throughout the park.

3. Admire Tainan Salt Mountain, Qigu Salt Mountain (And Eat Ice Cream With Unique Taste)


Located in Qigu District, Tainan Salt Mountain has a big name in the history of processing and distributing salt in Taiwan. This mountain was once the largest sun salt field in Taiwan. However, as time went by, sun salt was no longer feasible so the use of this field stopped operating in May 2002. Although closing the 338 years of sun salt travel in Taiwan, this gave Qigu Salt Mountain a new name as one of the most popular tourist attractions. loved. There are two salt mountains in this area, which are the main mound and the mound to the north. The main mound of the Tainan salt mountain consists of about 60,000 tonnes of salt mounding about 20 meters high. From the top of this salt mountain, visitors are treated to a stunning view of the surroundings. In addition, visitors can also enjoy salty ice cream that only exists in Qigu.

4. Relax for a while Tainan Park, the oldest park in Tainan


In the North District of Tainan City, there is the oldest and largest park in Tainan which was completed in 1917. It’s called Zhong San Park (now Tainan Park). If you look at a map of Tainan City, you will see a green expanse that looks very wide. That is Tainan Park with an area of ​​about 14 hectares. There are more than 800 trees and greenery in this park. 78 of them were selected to be named “old tree treasures” by the government on September 6, 2007. Apart from plants, in this park visitors can also find various species of birds, fish and dragonflies.

Tainan Park is often used by the community as a gathering place. If you visit in the morning, you will find many groups of Tainan elderly people gathering for dance practice or sports. Some people seem to focus on playing badminton or tai chi. Visitors who don’t exercise will usually just take a leisurely stroll around the quiet garden. Visitors to Tainan Park usually multiply several times over on weekends and holidays where families usually take the children for recreation in this park.

5. Peek at the tracks of Dutch rule in Fort Provintia and Fort Zeelandia


Around the 1620s, the Dutch landed in Taiwan to be precise around the area which is now called Anping. At this location the VOC then established two forts. The first is Fort Zeelandia which was built in 1624 to 1634. Over time, the residential area around this fort began to expand. In 1953 the Dutch then built a new fort, the Provintia Fortress. If you want to see traces of the influence of the Dutch occupation, visiting these two forts is obligatory. Both are forms of fusion of Dutch and Asian-style architecture and building design. While walking around the fort area which is calm and relaxing, don’t forget to take photos.

6. Getting Around Tourist Attractions in Anping


Anping is a district in Tainan that was named one of the 10 Best Small Tourist Cities by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau in 2012. There are many tourist attractions in Anping that are popular with tourists. If you are on vacation in Tainan, don’t miss Anping’s tourist attractions such as Anping Old Street, Anping Tree House, Anping Small Fort, and many more. Anping Tainan Beach is also one of the Tainan beaches that is often visited by tourists.

Apart from bordering Chiayi to the north and the Taiwan Strait to the west, Tainan also borders Kaohsiung on the east and south. So, if you want to visit Tainan, you can also visit several tourist attractions in Kaohsiung, Taiwan.